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Marine Collagen benefits

There are 28 types of collagen. Out of the 28, type 1, 2 and 3 accounts for 80 - 90% of all collagen proteins in the body. Collagen is a protein made up of long chains of linked amino acids. Collagen, the most prevalent protein in your body, In your skin, hair and nails. Also, helps to support healthy muscle and joint health and can reduce the aging process. Collagen is involved in many functions and one imperative function is forming the connective tissue for almost all structures in the body.

Marine Collagen NZ

At Evermore You, we produce a marine collagen supplements product designed to make your skin look young, vibrant, and healthy again. The marine collagen that we use is all sourced in NZ, and we have carefully developed our ingredients to deliver maximum benefits.

Marine Collagen capsules

Our marine collagen capsules are called elevate. They are available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand and Australia, and our customers report seeing positive benefits within three weeks of regularly taking them. To find out more about our marine collagen supplements in NZ, browse our product pages now. 

Collagen production begins to reduce as we reach our mid 20's. Collagen reduction levels can be impacted by oxidative stress, which can speed up the aging process, but not limited to fine lines, skin elasticity and more. Loss of collagen is one of the main contributors to the aging process, affecting us from the skin down to our joints.

Our marine collagen powder provides moisturising benefits for both skin and hair. Collagen is the main natural protein that makes up ligaments, joint, hair, skin and nails and provides our bodies with structural support. As well as sustainably sourced in the pristine waters of New Zealand. Marine Collagen Powder contains several amino acids: lysine, glycine and proline. Proline and Glycine play important antioxidant roles by protecting against free radicals that cause cell damage. Proline is also essential for the production of Keratin. Keratin is what our bodies use to produce more hair. 

Most favourable  dietary protein intake beneficially impacts lean body mass, weight management, immune function and muscle repair. Marine Collagen Powder is a pure protein, with no carbohydrate or fat. In addition, the protein building block, proline, more than any other amino acid, is needed for whole body protein synthesis. Therefore, Marine Collagen's proline content can help increase lean body mass. 

Gut Health

Your gut health is linked directly to your overall health in several other aspects. From supporting elasticity and glowing skin to your mental health, a healthy gut means a healthy body. Everything we eat and drink is digested and absorbed in our gut. We already know that junk food is bad for us, and eating clean food provides nutrition for physical and mental health. When you eat something unhealthy, the first place it goes and affects is your gut. Issues that arise from unhealthy eating include leaky gut syndrome, bloating, and overall poor digestive health. Through a clean and healthy diet, and some supplements, it is possible for you to fix these issues, which in turn can help fix other related issues. One supplement that may be able to assist is collagen. The human body is made through chains of amino acids. These amino acids are building blocks for our bodies. Two essential amino acids that play an essential role in rebuilding the tissue of our digestive system are glycine and glutamine. Glycine has anti-inflammatory properties, can also benefit those who struggle with intestinal inflammation such as IBS.

We proudly present elevate. Our bottle of goodness that packs a powerful punch. Made using locally sourced Marine collagen, Vitamin C and other essential ingredients selected to enhance and elevate your beauty regime.

elevate -  Marine collagen supplement nz
elevate -  Marine collagen supplement nz
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elevate - Marine Collagen Supplement